Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hard Drive Housekeeping

Mojo is feeling poorly and has taken to her bed clutching her vinagrette, the Boy with his PS2 is being a mighty slayer of pixels, and the Girl is waiting impatiently to go to our little rock and gem shop to purchase some agates.

I am trying to do some light housekeeping, cook breakfast for everyone, and do a little gentle browsing.

Among with my other tidying I've been tidying my image files and ran across some odds and sods I saved just...well, just because I liked them. Thought you might, too.

I just liked the contrast of lights and darks, and the composition of the image:OK, this one was just strange. Not even erotic, unless your eros revolves around circus contortionists.Like they used to say about Nike: it's gotta be the shoes.

This was just for the prettiness:and nothing more.

I wonder how they find these pictures?Mind you, I suppose that if I had a camera and the opportunity to point it at some shapely woman's backside, I'd probably do it. Yes, yes, I know. I'm scum. It's true. Sigh.

A friend took this little snapshot of a chickadee getting a last bit of evening suet.Just liked the colors, particularly.

This was just...odd.Although did you know that there's a whole sub-genre of porn involving cooking and eating women? Google "Dolcett cartoon" sometime. It's beyond weird. But I will never underestimate the kinks that lodge in the folds of the human cerebrum.

One of my favorite characters is Sun Wukung, the Monkey King; here he is, from one of the talented illustrators at deviantart.Tough guy, huh?

It must be hard to sit in a hole underground with multiple megatons of nuclear devastation. It must help to have a sense of humor about it:An empty silo, one mushroom-shaped cloud, and it's Miller Time.

Just for the pretty:Now THAT's a speeding ticket:And speaking of pretty:Another in the wonderful series of images produced by Brent Diskins as part of "Diskin's Timbers Propaganda". Rose City 'Til I Die!In case you don't get this, the point is that she's wearing her PT uniform; she's supposed to be exercising, not gutsing pogie bait:One more funny:And one more just for the pretty:Looking this stuff over, I have to accept that I have a very pack-ratty sort of mind. I have no idea what binds these together, other than my peculiar tastes in pictures.

Oh, well; off to find some agates. Hope you're having a peaceful and pleasant Saturday.

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