Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is one of my former CC students as she looked the last Ash Wednesday.What I find interesting about this is that when she posted this picture she commented how it would be a test to see how people around her reacted to a public display of faith.

Here was my first thought; I wonder how many people were just confused?

I grew up a suburban Presbyterian in the Sixties. Suburban Sixties Presbyterians didn't do none of this forehead/ash/cross stuff. If I had seen someone wearing this symbol I'd have thought that they had been cleaning their chimney and missed a spot washing up afterwards.

And my second thought was; this woman is a genuine Christian; she is a devout, hard-working, compassionate young woman whose faith makes extraordinary demands on her. She is one of the few people I know who really tries to live her faith, with all the personal difficulties and hardships that represents. So I find it almost viciously ironic that she believed that she might be scorned for publicly proclaiming her faith in a gentle way, one that silently testifies to her beliefs without getting all up in your grille, without hectoring, without accusing, without confrontation, without finger-wagging of any sort at a time when it seems like you cannot turn on a piece of electronic media without being confronted by some sanctimonious jackhole wagging his finger about some damn thing.And this is supposed to be what a peaceful carpenter's son laid down his life for.

Sometimes I wonder about humans. Really, I do.

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