Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Visual Journalism in Copenhagen: Summer Class

I'm happy to report that I will be teaching a three-week workshop in Copenhagen this July. The course is open to Washington University students, but also to the wider world. It's called Graphic Reportage Workshop, though a better title would be Visual Journalism Workshop. Below, my write-up for the class:

Copenhagen is many things: a mecca for contemporary designers and urbanists, a maritime center, a richly textured historical site, a hub for green industries, the seat of a constitutional monarchy, home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Throughout this three-week workshop, students will use the city of Copenhagen as a source for working toward a multilayered understanding of what turns a location into a place. The program will provide an immersive experience in visual reporting, concept development, and nonfiction writing in an international setting. Each student will develop an integrated visual and textual essay on a subject or theme of their choosing. Working in teams, they will produce coherent typographic approaches to the essays. Final projects will be integrated into a collective digital publication formatted for iPad distribution.

The workshop is open to all students at the undergraduate level or beyond, as well as recent graduates. Classes will meet five days a week, providing ample time for additional excursions. Course work will include opportunities to observe, draw, and photograph the city and interview its inhabitants, in addition to required readings, research, and writing.

I'm excited about the experience, which I think will serve a diverse group. Serious visual training is not a prerequisite; the wonders of digital cameras make photographic reportage possible for the relatively inexperienced. The pivotal questions will be about the magic Venn diagram that captures the intersection of personal p.o.v. and (at least mildly) journalistically relevant content. It's a rich place; and the most charming city I have visited. Bonus points for "Hamlet's Castle" (really; it's in Elsinore) and the Little Mermaid, who hangs out in the harbor.

Anyone who's interested should contact the knowledgeable, helpful and straight-shooting Belinda Lee in the Study Abroad office of the Sam Fox School at Washington University. What a pro. Belinda's email is below.


The deadline is March 1st, so if you're curious don't dawdle!

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