Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Staggering out of the Garage, Squinting...

I have posted little in recent months. During the second half of this year I made a clear-minded decision to dial back the blogging to put my head down and focus on executing the first issue of Spartan Holiday. No. 1 is at the printers as I type. There's much to say about it, and I will offer more before long. I'm very excited about the project, in both the present and future tenses. The cover for the first issue appears above. Shanghai Pictorial is the first of two issues that address my adventures in China in 2011.

Spartan Holiday will appear twice a year, possibly with a supplement now and then. Let's call it graphic nonfiction, with an orientation to travel, street reportage and visual culture. The reading experience is coherent, informative and even funny in spots. 40 pages, including a self-cover. Nice stock. It's a substantial thing. (Retail price $12.95 U.S.) I am looking to place it in independent bookstores and comic book stores here and abroad. If you write or report on contemporary visual culture and would like an advance copy for review, please contact me.

Again, more soon. Sorry for the lessened production, but there's a reason I've been quiet...

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