Sunday, November 13, 2011

False Coin

I read this article and could only come up with one thought: Who the hell thought that it was a good idea to put this womanin the U.S. Army?

Look, I've served with some outstanding female soldiers. Outstanding. I'm not one of these guys who thinks that you have to have external genitalia to kill stuff for your country. But this crap is insulting to every good woman troop who ever shouldered a ruck, pulled guard, or busted her knuckles.

But I'm not sure what this article is doing outside giving this woman a place to whine (some more - sounds like all she did during her hitch WAS whine...)whilst convincing the civilian reader that the entire notion of women in uniform is a bad idea.

The writer makes it sound like she made some sort of courageous choice in defying the Bad Evil Army that wanted her to flush the offspring and drive on with her mission...instead of becoming a substandard troop, screwing around whilst downrange with some worthless d-bag, and then sniveling off to her chain-of-command with a baby in her belly to get her early-out, throwing her load on some other poor bastard who wasn't lucky enough to be a clueless minge-bag.

And wants to use Salon to get to be all righteous about it.
"The world as I knew it had come crashing down and I had struggled to make what I felt was a responsible decision. But I chose motherhood over the mission and in this guy’s world, I had made the wrong choice. Therefore, I was no longer worthy of respect. I met the old man’s contemptuous gaze with defiance. He signed my papers, and I left."
Not a moment too soon, honey.

And somewhere there's a recruiter who slipped this moron the king's shilling and used her to make his mission then walked away whistling while she wasted the taxpayer's money and her fellow soldier's patience.

There is NO justice in the world. None.

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