Monday, October 3, 2011

John Porcellino in Town

This will be hurried. Although I will be unable to attend, I am pleased to say that the cartoon Dadaist/not-really-naif/visionary depressive/DIY pioneer John Porcellino will be appearing this evening at Subterranean Books, along with St. Louis' own Tim Lane. Porcellino created King-Cat Comix in the late 1980s pretty much with a felt-tip pen and a Xerox machine. I reproduced an early (if memory serves, the first) King-Cat page in Strips Toons and Bluesies. Though I have never met Mr. Porcellino, I admire his work, which helped establish an alternative way of being in the world as a cartoonist. He has written and drawn very perceptively on subtle topics. His new book, if I understand, is a comic-format interview with suicide attempt survivors.

The talk and book-signing will be at 7:00pm.

Students with an interest in writing, cartooning or text-image relationships: if at all possible, go to this!

There is much more to say about Tim Lane, too, but that deserves its own post. Below, the cover from his terrific visual essay for the Riverfront Times on St. Louis' homeless tent city.

Fantagraphics issued a big, thick compilation of King-Cat a few years ago. These images are taken from that volume.

Above, the endpapers for that book.

If anybody goes, please send me your impressions as a comment. I would love to hear about the event.

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