Thursday, August 4, 2011


I keep meaning to post something but life keeps getting in the way. Last night, though, it was a good sort of getting in the way; went to the Timbers vs. L.A. Galaxy match - dirty, hot, tired from a long day and, sadly, expecting just to be doing my duty as a supporter and singing the Boys on to do their best against the league leaders - and was delighted to be there for a 3-nil pasting of the Spice Boys.So I'm whacked, but the starry blaze of night still rings with song. True glory comes not in the victory but in the love - for the game, for the team, for each other and our beloved Rose City.

But I have to admit; winning is nicer.Especially when it's Posh Spice who sucks her thumb and weeps.

More blogging tomorrow, I promise.

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