Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Colonel Gets the Boot?

A quickie follow-up to the other day's musings about visual (and audiovisual) reportage from the Civil War on, which cited Al Jazeera English coverage about the Libyan revolt. I pulled this off a February 28 Huffington Post story about the opposition to Gaddafi. I could not find a photographer credit, nor one for the cartoonist-painter. Love the foot sticking out of Libya, not unlike the "foot" of a mollusk emerging from its shell. Of course the booting shoe signals deep contempt in this context, echoing the shaking of shoes at the despot's latest unhinged rant. The only citation available is that teeny little "AP" lower right.

Solid work. Love the juxtaposition of the quasi-modeled yellow-orange blast with the more calligraphic line and flat color. As an object, an unusual instance of a muralist's cartoon. (Vaguely reminiscent of passages in Orozco's Dartmouth murals, commented upon here.)

If anybody sees a photo or cartoonist's credit for this work, please let me know.

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