Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Are Timbers

The Timbers organization has been running an ad campaign this fall and winter called "We Are Timbers"; I talked about it back in December of last year. The billboards are all over Portland, and it's turning out to be a great campaign; eye-catching and interesting, as well as putting a local face on the team and its fans.

Well, last week the team took the next step, opening the team shop to fans who wanted to get their pictures taken in the advertising format. Some of these pictures were posted on the team's Facebook site, and they're so much fun I had to repost some of them here to give you a feel for them, starting with these young Portlandia-somethings. Perfect way to begin; very Timbers ArmyI don't know why I like the look on this guy's face so much. It's almost...pained? Confused? I don't know, but the combination of the look and all the fan paraphernalia is the interesting part for me.Whoa. Does she jump off the page at you, or what?

Some people can look devastating anytime, anywhere.

Oof.This guy looks so awkwardly serious, and his little girl looks so...well, like a little girl in a strange place with a father or grampa holding an axe.

Yep.These two look like they're planning to kidnap Justin Bieber. Lot of teen stuff going on here.The Women. Does this look like three generations of Timbers Army troopers or what?I love that this guy turned out in his business suit; I hope he was just at the office downtown and popped out for lunch to get his picture taken.I am in love with this woman; she's SO intense and dark; she practically lights the page with black fire. There's something about a woman who looks this serious, smart, and intent, I dunno what it is, but she's a knockout.Timbers; American Gothic.There's one of these guys in very crowd of guys under forty. No, under fifty. Sixty? No, in any crowd of guys. Period.The Portland Couple; a little gauche, a little cool, a little attitude, a little sweetness.What can you say? The only thing cuter than a cute kid is a cute kid with an axe.I like to end with this woman because she seems to be everything that I think about when I think about Portland; neat, small, smart, kind of cool, a little undisciplined. Nerdy in a sexy way, sexy but in a nerdy way. Knows the game but knows there's more to life than the game, but knows that the thing about soccer is that the game IS like life; a wild rumpus with a purpose, hard work, inspiration, discipline and chaos, moments of shattering joy interrupted by moments of bottomless despair.The town is ready, the team is ready, the fans and supporters here are ready; we ARE Timbers.

I don't know about you, but I'm already excited! Let's go, Timbers; "Rose City 'Til I Die!"

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