Sunday, February 6, 2011

This blog isn't just for advertising...

This blog also hosts my Weekend Wrap Up! Hey blog readers, nice to see you again. I wish I could pop in here more and write, but the offline world is slowly seeping into my online getaway:*( So here's the haps...

I have a lot of graphic design projects going on and no matter how much I say I won't work, I work. Yes, I've said this a million times on here already!! lol So here's what I can show you now...

The reason I say "here's what I can show you now", is because I have more than a handful of projects that aren't ready to reveal. Not 'cause I am slow, but because they change on a daily basis. I'm not complaining, love my customers, muah♥

More importantly than me, we go back to the Shore... Jersey Shore that is!

Some new info;

Sammi has cut bangs in her hair in real life and I HATE it! (See Above Link w/Ken Paves) Girl, stop letting Jessica Simpson's stylist talk you into that Hollywood BS, you are beautiful and young.

I am beginning to love Deena on Jersey Shore, even though she seems a bit dirty.... I love when she tells Sammi the "Meatballs got you" in next week's Jersey Shore. It's about time someone in that house had her back. I think they really make her look worse than she is. Ron is really a jerk and has some type of severe mood disorder. Not that I personally don't, but that's what pills and therapists are for... Takes one to know one! FYI, I still want Sam and Ronnie together!

In other JS awesomeness, Snooks passes out in the dog enclosure! I have to say, I have done the same thing in my own kitchen w/out even being drunk! The dogs are the only sober ones in the house, so it was probably the safest choice. At least if she has alcohol poisoning they can bark and alert someone.

In other more personal news, my throat is almost closed off from something I ate or did yesterday. Either that or there is some horrible new type of flu that makes your uvula grow 100 times it's regular size. Could it be the homemade fudge and espresso diet?? lol I have NO immune system left. I also pulled a tendon this week on the way to exercise class, who does that???

I have a lot to do this week and hopefully I can get some new giveaways and other info. out to my wonderful readers. Miss you guys!

Thanks much for stopping by,

P.S. Happy Super Bowl Day to those who care, I will be watching the puppy bowl in the background while I play all the new levels of Angry Birds☺

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