Sunday, February 6, 2011


I went to the Derby last weekend and brought home a purple shirt with the logo of Portland's Rose City Rollers junior team, the Rosebuds, on it.

Little Miss looooved her new "sleepy-shirt". "Purple is my MOST favorite color!" she proclaimed. I explained that the purple was the color of the Rosebuds uniforms, that the Rosebuds were these cool girls who skated on the flat track and did cool stuff."What's a rosebud?" asked little girl. I explained that rosebuds were little roses, baby roses, like the big flower only all curled up. "Are they pretty?" she asked. "Do they smell sweet?"

"As pretty and sweet as you, little one." I assured her, "You are my little Rosebud."

"I don't want to be pretty and sweet," stated the Girl, sitting up, "I want to skate the flat track and be called Kung Pow Chickie and knock all the other girls on their butt-butts!"

OK, I made up that last part.

What she did was just cuddle down against me and sigh.

And then ran off to climb the walls.Hmmm.

I think there she may just be a future Rosebud, at that...

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