Monday, February 21, 2011

Malady de Schnozz

Woke up today with approximately six pounds of snot in my noggin. Kapow! a head cold. Have been blowing my nose for hours on end; a reddened schnozz, with heightened self-awareness of same. Geppetto lurks.

Did the only sensible thing. Got home from work (and a cardiologist's appointment following) and prepared a martini the size of a four door sedan. Thinking of you, Dino!

Images: Walt Disney Studios, Pinocchio, 1940; Dean Martin and (I think) Eve Meyer in Artists and Models, Frank Tashlin, director, 1955. Someday I'll write more about A & M as well as Tashlin; I am an aficionado of both, though the former is largely unwatchable for stretches.

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