Monday, February 28, 2011

Catchin' up with the crazy!

Dearest readers,

I am soooo busy and sorry to not be posting as much on this blog. There's just no excuse! lol

I have some new graphics to share with y'all...

Somehow I got chosen to be the captain for the Etsy Graphic Designer's Team. (More of being the next person on the list;) If you are a graphic designer that would like to join an Etsy team, please sign up here.

We could really use everyone's help getting this team off the ground. There is also a new Twitter that could really use some love.

Etsy Graphic Designer's Twitter

Please scroll down to the bottom of  this blog if you would like to advertise cheaply with Project Wonderful. You can also advertise on this blog at the tippy top and have it show up on both my blogs for one low price;0

Please visit Give it to me Tara! to enter some great giveaways.

All for now, I'll keep everyone posted!

Thank you for reading,

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