Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Wrapping it up...

Dearest Bloggy Readers, I love ya! I have just hit 1005 followers and I couldn't appreciate it more☺ I know I've been neglectful of my personal rants on here the past couple of weeks and I apologize. If you can't laugh at me, who are you going to make fun of???

Here's my latest designs, more to come when finalized...

So what else, what else...I've been continuing my Jazz dance class and we are performing in the summer. I mostly enjoy going to Balboa Park and hanging out w/my friend. The dancing is like an '80s Richard Simmons work out! If we video it I may have to add it here.

Jersey Shore continues to amuse. Wish they would explain to the dummies that Sammi is the one who has been wronged. FYI in real life her and Ronnie broke up. I'm actually hoping that won't last, she makes him a better person. Everyone rags on her for being a cling on yet, she's dragging him to church, working out w/him, and just doing positive things like not drinking and acting out. Not sure why that makes her a bad girlfriend??

No movies, reality t.v., or new things in general coming out. Let me know if you have seen something worth seeing. I can always use some good entertainment!

Thanks for reading,

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