Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate...

That I haven't been posting on here:*( This site is like my diary/graphic design info./gossip column and I refuse to give it up! So here's a quick, quick, summary...

Jersey Shore, ya! Going to Italy and we are hoping and praying that Sammi hooks up w/someone other than Ron and makes him pay! The best thing would be if everyone in the house embraced her and she and Jwow made up. Probably won't happen but a girl can dream, can't she?

I have my Jersey Shore inspired week going, lots of gym, walking for my tan, new acrylic nails, and some laundry was done. (Even if no one folded it;)

Graphic Design has been fun and then no fun, and today it downright sucked! I took a couple of hours off just to calm down and here I am.

I have been going to my Jazz Dance class and now Jazzercise too. Guess which one is more fun? Have I mentioned before that in my advanced Jazz dance class we are doing a recital routine similar to that of Sweatin' to the Oldies a la Richard Simmons, 1986?? I am thinking about being truant tomorrow... Jazzercise on the other hand has been awesome! I thought I would probably die and they would have to call the ambulance for my tired old @$$ but it turns out I can still move my feet and breathe at the same time. Imagine that?

I've been goofing off w/my BF and it's been great! Maybe that's why work is getting to me so much? I've also developed a horrible Ebay addiction to $.99/Free Shipping earrings from China. Don't laugh, because you are going to go there after reading this and probably end up buying some too!

Thanks for reading, peace and cupcakes.

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