Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch up after weekend info. soiree.....


First the fun and then we get down to business!

I had an amazing time enjoying the Lunar New Year aka Tet Festival at Balboa Park San Diego. The people were lovely, the entertainment was great, and the food was fantastic! I almost didn't make it home I stuffed myself so much! (TMI LOL'S;) I also ditched my flip flops in the road because let's face it, festivals are yucky! Okay, truth is I had to pee and I was scared of the port a potty.. OCD much?

Other fun far fetched fare... I went and saw "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins last night. We are just going to file this one under rental, and call it a day.

I also surfed eBay and bought TONS of cheapo rhinestone jewelry. Then I went to the Tet festival and saw all the same jewelry for a lot less. Who knew?

Plans for the week include;

Pretending to actually homeschool a headstrong 14 1/2 year old.
Watching other people's cats. (okay, they used to be mine so thanks for taking them;).
Jazz Class
Lots and lots of jazzercise.
Enjoying some rain.
And Jersey Shore b*tches!!!

Ooh, that reminds me! Jersey Shore commentary. I've decided that all the Situation does is not eat carbs and walk around lifting his shirt. There is something seriously narcissistic and wrong about that guy. He's like a closet wife beater waiting to happen. I'm continuing to love Sammi and even Ron. I think he's just too easily swayed by the stupid peanut galleries opinions. I mean c'mon, can you really listen to MVP for real relationship advice? Much less Snooki and JWow? Go grab Sammi now Ron before she runs off with an adult. Take her somewhere far away from this nonsense and I'm sure you guys will get along. I'm worn out from you guys breaking up, how about a wedding instead? Roll w/the bad, cherish the good;) Hey, my husband has stuck with me for 16 1/2 years and I make you guys look like nuns!

Now on to business...

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