Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Thoughts..

I'm rushing off to Vietnamese breakfast (my fav:) and I just wanted to put this out there...

Jake Gyllenhal and Taylor Swift, perfect and amazing! People don't give her credit but she's really intelligent and mature. I want this more than they do!!! lol

Tonight we return to the Challenge on MTV and CT and some other chick are coming back on. I LOVE CT and all his crazy and this is just what the boring Challenge needs.

Also tonight, Psych a la Twin Peaks reunion. For all of you that remember Twin Peaks this is going to be awesome! Don't miss it, USA, I think 9 or 10??

What else, what else?? I have a ton of yummy, health, and fun giveaways coming up later this month on..

Give it to me Tara!

I'm off now, I'll eat some Pho for your guys!

BIG P.S. Chanukah apparently starts tonight? So, I need to get my @ss in gear and buy these kids some small cr*p that keeps them happy til Xmas!! lol

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