Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Jukebox: Lamentation

I don't know why I've been thinking on this agonizing song by Leah Andreone. Perhaps it was reflecting on the utter uselessness of death of the young woman from Lewis in the Outer Isles. Perhaps it's the sickening feeling of watching the Theatre of the Absurd play out inside the Beltway, as the supposed Grown-up Party (can we EVER justify calling the GOP that again?) pisses on the hopes of millions of jobless to shower largesse on an American plutocracy as bloated as it has ever been since 1928.

Perhaps it's just the approach of the relentlessly Wenceslausy Season, which always makes me reflect on the immense abyss between what we say we care about and what we really do care about.

Anyway, I couldn't find the original video for "Lamentation". But the creator of this version does, I think, a good job of using Andreone's wrenching music to score the story of J.R.R. Tolkien's fated shieldmaiden Eowyn; another tale of waste and tragedy.Given the "yea, verily!" prose that Tolkien wrote, I'd argue that brilliant imagery of Peter Jackson's portrayal of the woman who loves and despairs is superior to the original. But that's just me. But I think it's hard to disagree that Miranda Otto's performance is both stern and vulnerable; I think she does a terrific job with a minor charcater. Watch the film and see if you agree.

Anyway. It's a sunny day today, and I'm going to go for a walk and try and shake the blues. Hope you are enjoying a sunny day, as well, and have no cause for lamentation.

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