Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank you Glee! and Taylor Swift...

Sooo glad I watched Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode! I forgot how much I love it and I'm up for a visit to the real thing. Ah, the '70's... I also saw Little Darlings recently (sorry if this is a repeat), with Matt Dillon, Kristy McNichol, and Tatum O'Neil. Nice and simple, no bs. No fake nails, hair, over abundance of makeup. Kids were in shape, not stick thin or completely computered out:( Hey, I can say it, I've gotten fat too! So sick of all these horrible actors, singers, "INSERT PROFESSION HERE", that are doing it overnight w/no talent to back it up. Any of us could go get the Hollywood makeover and become a star. You don't even have to do anything! I think in about a year everyone in the world will have gotten their 15 min. on reality t.v.. Look at Kate Gosselin, now that is one talentless suburban housewife! Anyway, I digress... What I'm trying to say is I love the reality of the '70's and how kids were kids and there was a lot of real innovation/creativity that wasn't manufactured for the mainstream.

So enjoy kiddies! I'm putting up a great new playlist for y'all of some fun '70's tunes.

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Adding to this... I got the new Tay Swift cd and amazing!!!! Great homespun cheesy girl fun! Must have for angry days, sad days, and happy days♥

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