Monday, November 15, 2010

Now Sign This...

Urge the Senate to Pass the Captive Primate Safety Act! Primates are not pets and do not belong in people's homes!

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Some of you may know that in my previous life before I went from PT to FT (now back to pt:), I was very active in animal rescue groups locally and online. I was also vegan for many, many, years. I recently saw a very sad show on these women who adopt primates to fill a space in their lives. Needless to say, it almost always ends up a horrifying journey. Most of these animals end up being dumped as they age and are no longer "cute" in their behavior. Some are fed wrong and get terrible human illnesses such as diabetes. A lot end up in rescue shelters, which is the best case scenario. Worst case, owners and/or others are seriously injured resulting in their own or the primates death. That is if the ice cream diet doesn't kill these poor animals first!

Another thing that people don't know about adoptee monkeys, they aren't found holding their arms up on the jungle floor screaming for a human mama. There are backyard breeders for primates, much like cats/dogs. These breeders rip the babies from their real monkey mamas, so that these selfish women can take them home. What kind of person would take/buy another mother's baby for their own? Yes, I do think primates have feelings. I also think that even if they didn't, we should have more respect for animal relationships and needs than to think our pleasure should come first.

Anywho, could go on all day about my love for the monkeys and other animals. Please just sign this petition and get these nazi monkey breeders to stop! I'm happy to donate some $$ to these women who are so needy, maybe get them a cuddly kitten or dog at a shelter???

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