Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas comes but once a year...

I absolutely LOVE making you all inexpensive clip art and I just can't stop!

Stop by my Etsy shop and you can pick up the digital download for yourself.

Merry Xmas Chick

As my listing states, I celebrate ALL holidays and I will probably make a Chanukah one soon. I also always make a FREE holiday banner for my Etsy and Bloggy friends so check back here for one soon. Probably should wait for after Thanksgiving, but what retail store does these days??

One more thing, I am always happy to make you an original compilation of paper for your projects and online needs. So if you'd like a set for yourself, please contact me via Etsy or directly by email.

Graphic Design by Tara Etsy

Email Graphic Design by Tara

Thanks for reading,

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