Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catching up w/some friends, followers, and hangers on...

Hey all! Just read through most of my older posts and I've decided I am not the optimistic type! lol So I'm going to bring back my old/funnier stuff regarding the gossip, entertainment, and book section.

Must reads..

Just finally finished Chelsea Handler's "My Horizontal Life" and of course this isn't for those working on a full bladder! Awesome funniness, not recommended for the judgementally impaired. I'm going to start "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang" later this week and I'm sure it won't disappoint.

I finally started reading Sarah Silverman's "The Bedwetter" book. She loves a good fart, poop, etc. joke, (kind of like my family). It's really entertaining and I love how she makes fun of herself. I am just coming into my own w/that kind of thing and it's really freeing. I'm now one step away from being the screaming gal on the corner talking about the aliens inside of her!!! lol Seriously though, another book that is guaranteed to make you pee!

As for entertainment this past week has been seriously lacking in good reality t.v., dramas, and funny sitcoms. I do LOVE The Big Bang Theory, that show can do no wrong in my book. The only somewhat entertaining reality t.v. that's on now is The Challenge on MTV. More stupidity, pettiness, alcoholics, sex addicts and anorexics than you can shake a stick at! Now who doesn't love that? I've also shamed myself by watching Jerry Springer this week. I don't think I've done that in a while, maybe I'm turning into one of those sad housewives that sits at home w/Reader's Digest, puzzle books (the easy ones:), and screams at the t.v.?? IDK, I don't think I could stand reading crappy Digest for too long. Did eat brownies for breakfast every day this week. Oh wait, it's only Tuesday so we need to include last week  in the brownie fest too!

Something extremely cool that we got as a present this week, XBox Kinect. I've never been so sore! (No, I'm truly serious here:) That thing is so fun! I just bought the dance game so I'll keep you posted on it. I can say that the game that it arrived with is fantabulous! Riding rafts, hucking balls, it all gets the brownies going!!! lol Proves that even sweating isn't so yucky when your whole family stinks!

So movie fans, do you know what is coming up very, very, soon? Yep, Harry Frickin' Potter is almost here! Can not wait!!!! But I promise not to dress up, my kids would kill me☺

Yay for the first good day in a long time! I know we are all sick of my bullsh#t around here!!! lol

Off to be retired from graphic design by creating several logos and headers I was asked to do today... and FYI I am always available to all of my bloggy friends and everyone else I know, to do some design work. I would never desert any of you!

Thanks for reading,

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