Saturday, November 13, 2010

And yet another pile of POOP!

Seriously, this is a bunch of cr#p and I'm sure 99.9% of you will agree w/me. What the heck is up with these people that have a "Donate Here" button on their blogs? I search and search but there's nothing meaningful to donate to on there and most of the blogs have 2 or less posts. Now if you want to go ahead and donate, be my guest. But do they ever really get any $$? Curious to know..

I guess on the other hand, I could put up a "Donate Now" for Tara's mental health fund on my Bipolar Girl World blog. This is something that does benefit everyone surrounding me because let's face it, I'm not really wrapped too tight! lol Just kidding, I took my meds today, promise:)

In other news, great weekend so far! I just had a married people's date w/my hubby and when I say "married people" I mean we sat at home eating raw brownies, watched our recorded shows, and wore the big pajamas! This is all it takes when you are almost 40 kiddos! Speaking of old age, I am completely wrecked from playing my awesome new kinect game on XBox. I forced myself to go for 1/2 an hour straight today and I think it said I burned only 100 calories! That's not even one raw brownie bite! I'll have to come up w/another weight loss scheme that doesn't involve giving up dessert. Since I'm not 14 anymore, I guess I can't just do the starving all day thing and eat a tub of ice cream at night? Those were the days!

I truly miss my kids. No, they still live here, they just don't come downstairs anymore! Both of them are glued to their laptops playing World of Warcraft. They did stop by on the way back from Grandma's and tell me how much fun they had before dumping me for online fun. Oh well, could be worse at least I know where they are.

I finally had a winner in my 7 month long threadkiller on Etsy for a free professional logo design, I cannot believe it!

Kawaii by XOX Smiley 

This fabulous Etsy friend tirelessly followed my thread since April 19th, 108 forum pages long. I'm really excited to make the winning logo because I absolutely ADORE everything Kawaii. Once it's done I'll do a post here.

Finished reading "The Bedwetter" by Sarah Silverman. Really funny and definitely a no brainer read. Now I can start "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang" by Chelsea Handler. I'm sad that after that I may have no reading material for a while. I am hoping to get some books for review soon, but so far only other products on the horizon. I guess I'll have to settle for my own thoughts, which should take up a few seconds at least! lol

Thanks for reading, probably a short weekend wrap up tomorrow since I already told y'all most of the sh*t that happened today.


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