Thursday, October 7, 2010

What the heck is Google Buzz??

Hey all, my hubby just told me about this Google Buzz thing so I thought I would give it a try. Good thing about it (because you know me and I am obviously going to tell you the bad things;, you can connect with a ton of people at once by following them. So far these things seem bad;

No widget that tells your followers or gives you easy access to their profile. If someone knows of one, please pass it on.

Follower list I did find wasn't in alphabetical order.

Not easy to move around on Google and/or leave the Buzz to get to other things. I felt trapped! lol

Where is the endless stream of posts? Or do I not get one till people actually follow?

I don't think anyone is really paying attention to it yet. Facebook was like this in the beginning, I remember being on MySpace and not even looking at it for 3 years. So you never know??

Okay, so that's my buzz on the Buzz! Check mine out, let me know what you think.

Buzz Me B*tch! (Sorry, I Buzz Jersey Style:)


In much more relevant news.. I watched "The Challenge" on MTV last night and fell asleep before the people were booted off. So I gotta catch up on that ASAP! Tonight is Jersey Shore and I think it's almost over. I know next week is the last Teen Mom. In more Jersey Shore news tonight, Bones is doing a Jersey themed murder! How delicious and fantastic! I wish David what's his face was doing Bones on there already. It's just another stupid thing I gotta watch to see what happens.

Thanks again for reading, glad to see my followers are back!

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