Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We did it!!!

Hit the big 600 today! Thanks to all my followers for sharing in my crazy and helping me to become the fantastic freak of a designer I am today. I appreciate all of your support, especially in these hard times.

Now for the pretty...(new that is).

In gossipy/reality tv news, I stayed up late to watch "Teen Mom" and I came away confused:( Were Maci and Kyle just playing up to the cameras this whole time? Because he dropped her like a piece of trash with no after thought! Then, at the end of the show when they let us know what's coming up next aka warn us, there was this weird thing where Ryan asks "Do you think we should be together?" (Something like that.. I've played it back a couple of times and I still can't remember!) lol SO OMFG! I must know what the context was in this conversation!!!! Could there be a reunion? This will be AWESOME!!! Not because he's fab or anything like that, but can you imagine all of the controversy??? In other Teen Mom news, Amber is a sociopath. I would call her bipolar, but she doesn't have enough emotion for that. Completely self absorbed, violent, why is this child with her? The kid runs and cries for Daddy every time he leaves. Pretty good Dad, just really stupid and blames himself for Amber's crazy. And what do we all think about Amber's hot new man?? Still in the joint he has work release and plenty of time to let her pay for dinner! Beyond that, what a stud! LOLOLOLOL He's dirty, grimy, skeezy/sleezy, and he already thinks she's the greatest thing since parole! Those 2 deserve each other and I hope they run away together and leave baby Leah at home w/her Daddy.

No other interesting commentary today, I am swamped with work. Sometimes you wake up creative and sometimes you don't. It's just a cr#pshoot. Unfortunately for me, all this stress has bent my creative mind out of shape. So as much coffee/probiotics/pamprin I take, I still can't think up anything fantabulous today.

Another day tomorrow w/more juicy bits!
Thanks for reading,

P.S. Okay, who is the schmuck that stopped following??? I am no back to 599, so blech:(

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