Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wacko Weekend Wrap Up!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to actually be able to breath for a sec. and sit down and blog. It has been CRRRAAAAZY around here! Things are finally getting back on track. My husband has been in NYC several times this month and it was getting really old. Especially since he wasn't taking me with him!!! lol

I'm homeschooling my son, and there is not a moment I'm alone. I love being alone, so this ain't good. I wouldn't mind being alone w/my husband, but that will not happen if the kids get their way!!! lol

Not really much else going on. We are supposed to go to some haunted houses next weekend w/friends, but I can't do it. I'm going to wait outside. In the summer I went on a kiddie scare ride w/my 11 yr. old and ended up hitting a scary guy in the face I was so scared!!! Plus, I probably would pee myself from fright:(

I haven't played my base in days and I really miss it. Hoping to get some time w/it this week. We haven't done the band thing either so my voice is yucky from not practicing. I miss my life!

Some good things this week;

Teen Mom Wrap Up
I think it might be the last Jersey Shore?
It's frickin raining, yay! No fires in SD☺
Learn more html (not sure if this is a good thing?) I'm really embarrassed because I usually do really well in things I'm interested in and I have now screwed up my homework 8 times! Everyone can see it because it's posted online. 2 things I think are the prob; I need glasses and it's hard to read all the code, I have my husband, 4 dogs, and my oldest sitting behind me when I'm posting my work.
Maybe if I'm lucky eat some Vietnamese food w/my best friend.

OMG! I forgot the really good news! I have been super tired so I went to the doctor last week. I figured I had Cancer w/a touch of thyroid disease. I'm always hoping my thyroid is shot so I can explain how fat I've gotten! lol Anywho, turns out I'm not a nutball neurotic, I have SEVERE anemia and vit. D deficiency. People who get vit. D deficiency don't get enough sunlight, dairy, etc. Both can make you depressed and the d thingy can supposedly mess w/your weight. So lucky me, I'm actually not well! I've been taking a ton of supplements since Friday and I'm feeling a bit better. For the first time in 2 months I haven't passed out during the day. I actually can sit on the couch and not pass out.

So what's new and in the works graphically speaking? I'm working on 4 book covers right now and 3 logos. I'm not sure what I posted last, but I'll catch up soon. Comments and questions regarding my work are always appreciated.

That's all folks, thanks for reading!

P.S. Does your 4 lb. chihuahua sit under your shirt too?? Just checking...

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