Sunday, October 10, 2010

NEW This Week and Wrap It Up Weekend

She's back!!!!

Here are some designs I've accomplished this week. I say accomplished because it's been one hell of a ride and everything was taking me away from/interfering with work.

I've actually got a book, banner, and 2 other logos that I'm still completing. Business has been good and intense. Sometimes it just takes a while to get the perfect design.

Last night was music night and I felt like sh*t so I couldn't participate. I'm sad, but at least I finally got some rest. I've been sleeping every chance I get because I'm depressed/sick/?? I'm going to the doc tomorrow to get some darn answers! It's probably nothing, just the stress I've been going through w/personal stuff.

As I said yesterday, class starts for me tomorrow and I will need to focus. Reading all that itty bitty code is hard! I do have a bit of clue so it's going to be exciting to learn the big picture of making a blog/website.

Tomorrow is the "Give it to me Monday" Blog Hop/Giveaway Linky. I hope to see you all there. I follow EVERYONE even if I don't leave you a comment. Follow back if you like, always happy to meet new friends.

Thanks for reading,

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