Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm going YET AGAIN to Jersey Shore, B*tch!

So much to catch up with you all about! First let me say that having a headache and passing out repeatedly during work hours this week has been ridiculous! Between cell phones, computers, mail, homeschool, barking chi chis, etc. I am just spent. So forgive me for neglecting my bloggy friends, it's time to get down to the gossip...

Jersey Shore, need I say more?? lol Lovin' the Jersey Shore, and Angelina has left the building! Now you gotta give the girl credit, she put up with a lot of sh#t and had every right to slap Mike when he talked about her personal business (and I mean truly personal) in front of her guest. I'm not into the slapping but then again, I'm not from Jersey and in NYC we mostly yell. It was gross of her to lie in Mike's bed, but mostly because he's slimey and gross! Even though he's clean there is definitely some creepiness in his game. Also, I don't appreciate Mike and everyone else saying she and her friend are fat. If they are fat then I need to go do some major renovating/liposuction/gastric bypass. Because to me they didn't even look overweight. I don't like Angelina, but they really put her through it. Did anyone else notice, but JWow is looking a bit better? Some dark hair and extensions really did the trick for her. But why is she wearing plastic stripper heels/costumes when they go out? I understand the sexy mini or dress, but these are actual costumes! Turn on the black light and that chick is gonna glow! Pauly D is truly rockin' this show and making me want to do T-Shirt time badly! I don't have anything Ed Hardy though, sorry Pauly! Maybe when I go to NYC again I'll take a trip to Jersey and go shopping. Ronnie and Sammi, boring but I'm rooting for them. Even if everyone else is over it. NEXT!

Teen Mom, Maci continues to capture my attention and her son is just too cute for words! I love her relationship with her man, he is just awesome and down to Earth. Ugly to the bone, but a heart of gold. On the other hand Ryan is just a heartbreaker and he damn well knows it and works it. Wonder if there is any actual feelings in there? Amber and what's his fat are fighting again, big surprise. Why CPS hasn't taken the baby by now is just another failure of our child welfare system. Here I am beating myself up for making my kid put a drink in his back pack and Amber is hitting the dad in front of her kid. Katlyn?? Can't spell it but I'll just call her retainer face, is still with Tyler or as I call him "The White String Bean/Green Giant". Since they are pretty much done w/this adoption, why must we continue to harp on it? I agree, the baby is beyond better off away from their families and kudos to them for knowing it. However it truly, truly, is time to stop talking about this and let it go.

I also watched The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Fringe, Family Guy, and Something Hope on fox. Surprisingly this (I think it's Raising Hope)? show is damn funny. It's got that actress from the '80's that was kind of a quirky side kick and in The Goonies. I like it, so watch it k?? lol I enjoyed Fringe which is just darn weird for me. But I have been sick so don't take my word on anything I say here. Criminal Minds and the Mentalist eh. Family Guy was a play on Clue and Murder by Death, really done well. Cleveland show had Kanye West and wasn't funny. Looking forward to American Dad next week, I LOVE Roger the alien. House was okay, I like it when someone is actually sick and the stupid guy who cheats on his wife repeatedly isn't giving others life lessons.

So what the frick did I make this week??

I made a lot of other things too, but to be honest I can't remember what??? lol I do have a lot of projects in the works currently. I am doing some book covers which I love! It's like creating a mini painting.

Even though this week has been 100% sh*tty, I have found time to play the bass a bit. I watched some Rush biography and it inspired me. I swear I'm turning into a boy! lol Don't worry kids, Hello Kitty is still my main girl and I only want a pink shabby chic Victorian house when I grow up!

Oooh, forgot to mention. We went to see the movie "Case 39" today. DO NOT waste money on this cr*p, I beg of you. Renee Zellweiger is a f'n corpse of a gal and she isn't supposed to be the scary one! The movie is stupid, not scary, and definitely not worth your time.

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