Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FREE Happy Halloween Banner

It's never to early to worship the darkside! lol So get ready for Halloween now with my completely free, no obligation, banner.

This banner was made Etsy sized 760x100, although it appears freakishly small here?? Right click on it and save as or... email me directly for the good one! Stupid Blogger:*(

Terms and Regs

As per the usual, don't claim as your own, sell, edit and reuse/sell, or use as a link base without asking first. Place it in your shops, blogs, websites, etc. I don't even mind if you pass it on as long as there is no money exchanged and nobody violates the regs.

I'm sure there were more rules, but use your own common sense or someone smarter than you are to determine what's not Kosher!

Thanks for reading!

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