Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wrap it up, I'll take it!

And yet another fantabulous weekend comes fastly to a halt. So much to do, so much to say, so much to blow away! Whatever, not my best rip off writing..

What did the Van Stelle family circus do this weekend? Mostly tried not to lose it w/our oldest due to incessant talking, OCD, and nagging. My husband took me out of the house alone for all of 30 minutes which probably saved me from jumping off the nearest cliff! We welcome in yet another Jewish New Year, remembered 9/11, and ate a bunch of cookies!

Best parts of the weekend;

Getting my rock on b☺tch! Went to Guitar Center and bought some bass books. Went for a bass strap, but no good ones. My youngest offered me his checkered black/white '80's style one (my room in the 80's was pink/black checkers), and I'm going to bedazzle the f'ck out of it w/pink gems in all the white squares.

Playing my new bass all in TAB♥

Eating the afore mentioned cookies.

Tons of coffee, w/cookies.

Reading Chelsea Handler books and running to the restroom from laughing.

Not having much work, yay!

Having a good cry over "The Power of One"

Let's not even go there w/the bad stuff, I don't have the time before my next bathroom break.

Hope you all has as much fun and excitement as I did!

Thanks for reading,

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