Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to "Trash it up Thursday"

Bringing you the trashiest trash talk that grandma will allow!

Let's start with the "Real World New Orleans"..

This is the last time I will be talking about this craptacular show because it is not only the WORST Real World ever, but the most boring. Okay, there were some other boring ones, but these are the ugliest people and boring! Last night Ryan was kicked off and threw a hissy. Everyone golfed and talked sh*t. This is basically it. Next!

I mentioned that I finally got to sit down and watch all of this season's Project Runway episodes. Important point here, they have done away with the fabulous behind the scenes "Models of The Runway", therefore taking away the catfight fun! So now even though we know Peach's model is a complete failure, we don't know what the other girls are saying about her:*( This season has a lot of fun queens (I say this w/tremendous love), Casanova stands out as the one I would want to fag hag around with. He had a huge breakdown in ep. 5 and couldn't go on after the judges kept telling him his gowns were for senior citizens. Which incidentally was being kind. So after his pity party he decides he really is a designer and whips out this fabulous outfit! I mean truly amazing and if I could wear white pants I'd buy it. Good for you Casanova, you had us all fooled! On a crazy b&tch note, there is Gretchen. Now she won the first 2 challenges and I guess rightfully so? Her first dress looked like mother of the bride but the judges loved it! I mean, who wears shoulder appliques anymore??? Anywhoo, She now thinks her cr*p doesn't stink and everyone else does. So she is the self appointed Nazi leader of the work room. In episode 5 she destroys her whole team w/her non fab taste and bossiness. Of course they all follow her blindly because after all, most people are sheep. Sorry, it's just true. The best part is that the underdog team wins and this is where Casanova claims his victory! Gretchen decides before her team goes out to explain their sh*tty designs, that she will make a statement of unity to the judges. Unfortunately, she is a narcisisstic scumbag so she throws her team under the bus within minutes. Instead of growing backbones they decide she's right and then blame the whole thing on Michael who (surprise, surprise), won immunity the week before for being beyond amazing in his design! Easy to throw the person w/immunity out. So this is the bs that happens, the only person who blamed themselves and wasn't a sheep, gets thrown off!!!! He takes one for his sh#tty team and no one even treats him nicely when he leaves. So now I'm actually kinda waiting for episode 6 to get posted so I can watch. I HATE U GRETCHEN! Plus, you have mullet bangs!!!!

Tonight is the bomb, you be you, I do me, GTL, etc.!!! I'm going to Jersey Shore bitch!! I have been watching the dailies all week, "Sammi Does Her Hair", "Truck Driver", "Losing My Tan", and some other faboo Jersey attrocities. I've been doing the GTL minus the G and L so I hope I don't lose my Jersey Fan Club card. This episode tonight shows my girl Sammi (who is my 20 yr. old me) knocking the sh*t out of that stripper girl w/the cheapo boobs J-Wow. She's like a really ugly boy/girl w/boobs. I'm really not sure at this point she has a vag??? But I digress... I'm wondering besides Sammi knocking her down what happens? And will her pussy bfriend/hater Ronni put down the steroids long enough to take her side? Doubtful, very, very, doubtful. But we can hope! She is the best thing that's ever happened to him and boy is he going to be sorry when this show is gone like the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. Forgot to mention, SOOOO obvious Angelina has it bad for Pauly-D!! I can't figure it except for that he's especially hatin' on her. The guy is dumb, I mean painfully dumb and not even funny stupid.

In coincidental news... my husband told me he was approached to take his firm to Jersey to which he said "Hell NO", which wasn't because he hates Jersey or anything, but because we live in SoCal. Is it bad that I secretly dreamed of going there, getting a poof, and visiting a Jersey Salon and clothing store???

Today, kid orientation at school and trudging through the trenches of logo design. I will not specify which one, but I have official logo block. Like writer's block but you end up with bad feedback! I swear I will start working on the Fall Freebie PIF Banners for my Etsy friends. One more weird thing, I had SEVERE food poisoning from homemade BoBa (don't judge), and I am the only person in the world who can gain weight from this. WTF?

Remember, tomorrow we all hop together at my Weekend Blog Hop!

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