Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up...

Even though this is technically a "Holiday" weekend, I am wrapping it up now before anything else happens! lol

The best of times and the worst of times...


My 12 year old is happy to start Middle School Tuesday☺

New Cupcakes Pistachio, Pink and yum!

Great Clients this week/weekend and some fantastic logos I'm really proud of. I will be showing them soon.

Short but sweet date w/hubby.

Fantastic BBQ w/our wonderful friends cooking. Unfortunately, my crazy life style no longer permits me to host so I really appreciate it when others cook!

Bought some great new books I'll be reviewing soon.

The worst..

Welcome to my nightmare, HOMESCHOOL HELL!!!!! Let me explain before all of you homeschoolers get your knickers in a bunch☺ This ain't my first rodeo w/homeshooling and I'm definitely not qualified for it. My 14 yr. old spent Jan.-June w/me this year and Jan.-June when he was 12. My situation is NOT because I HATE the public schools, so believe me when I say I completely support your choice to homeschool. My son has many issues (none of which are his fault). But I blindly and stupidly accepted it when he said he was ready to go back to school. I won't even get into it here, but he absolutely cannot go to a traditional school and I shouldn't have kidded myself. Now I am faced w/many dilemmas and I have decided that I will hire an organizer/tutor for once a week. Maybe that will help? Has anyone else ever tried socializing a 14 yr. old at home? He has the most fantastic homeschool program in San Diego but just couldn't find any kids to bond w/last year.

I also have a couple of payment jumpers on projects I've completed. Really irritating to work so hard on something and then the people just disappear...

Worst thing of all, I have gained 4 lbs. directly in my thighs and boobs so now my pants fit in the waist but are cutting off my circulation below and all of my cute tops are stuck you know where!!! I even had food poisoning last week and didn't eat for 48 hours and gained this weight! Damn you cupcakes, damn you I say!

My husband's biz is all in an uproar so he will continue to be out of sight, completely on the mind, this week.

Looking Forward to;

Watching the new Kardashians I'm recording tonight, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, hopefully seeing my long lost friends that keep asking "what happened to us?", and getting my GTL on!!!

Finishing this Suzi Quatro book that was short enough to read in an hour, but so badly written it took me over a month! lol Great book if you have the patience for someone shouting facts at you. Mind you, interesting facts.

Maybe one night w/out insomnia?

New challenging jobs, I know you are coming my way!

Thanks for reading!

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