Monday, September 13, 2010

VMAs and The Shore who could ask for anything more!

Hello people! Get ready for some fun, fun, fun! MTV has combined 3 of the things I have been loving lately. Chelsea Handler, Jersey Shore, and of course the classic and fantastic Eminem. Other stand out shout outs go to Taylor Swift for staying classy (even though she can't sing too well, bless her heart) she's a fantastic entertainer.Chelsea wasn't too funny last night either however, her books are a 10 bathroom trip read! lol Thank you to the MTV gods for smiling on us again by bringing back an oldy but a goody, personal fav Eminem. It's not the music people, it's the way he sells it!

Other highlights from last night; Jersey Shore extra bonus all NEW episode! First Vinny, who I am beginning to intensely dislike at this point. His mama and family come to visit and I absolutely adore them. His uncle is deemed an "OG" (old school guido) by the boys. Basically no one understands anything he says, but it doesn't matter because he's loud and everyone's drunk anyway. Pauly D and Vinnie meet some classy aka not sleeping w/them girls and compare them to "rare roses". What they don't plan for is that Vinny's girl is so classy she stands him up! Dodged a bullet there sweetheart! Snooki has a one night stand, Pauly D makes noises at her. Noises I now do constantly during the day and I can't even spell phonetically?? Ronni and Sammi just hang in the background. The Situation does nothing which is becoming his theme the past couple of weeks. J-Wow also continues to not WOW as big boobed wallpaper. Angelina is still dating Jose who is one of those people that looks good in certain light.. need I say more? Situation forces her to tell she slept w/Vinny and then brands her the house whore. Which is really funny because she slept with one guy and didn't have a boyfriend. While Ronni did some things to Sam for months and they didn't say boo about it. Not to mention Snooki sleeping w/anyone who asks. Stay tuned for next week when Angelina tells everyone in the house they are all fake and Snooki gets down and dirty to fight her. For Snooki this consists of asking someone to hold her earrings. Some thoughts from Pauly D and The Situation before we go...

Vinny likes visiting the Staten Island Dump this time of year.
Pauly D

Angelina is like the Staten Island Ferry, it's free to get on and there's always another one coming. Or something like that??
The Situation

I wish I could top myself here, but how can I follow Pauly D?

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Worth mentioning..

Lauren Conrad (original Hills Girl), continues to carry on in a classy manner by placing up high repeatedly on the New York Times bestseller list, doing a fashion line for Kohls, and just being beautiful inside/out. All you Hills leeches should take a lesson. Especially Audrina. Honey, when you lose 30 pounds the fake boobies don't look right! Either get some more plastic surgery to fix it, stop being anorexic, or take those suckers out! I liked you better when you lived with Lauren and she at least made you eat breakfast. So far Heidi and Spencer would have us believe they are staying divorced. But what is the odds of them coincidentally taking time off in Costa Rico? And that Spencer is a real gem, he just got arrested there on weapons charges and claimed he'd been surviving alone in the jungle killing animals. Does anybody else remember that "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" show they walked off of because they were little b*tches??

Okay, I guess I always have more to say!

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