Saturday, September 18, 2010

OMG! She just didn't go and do that!

Announcing the latest new addition to my crazy world...

Bipolar Girl (world)


Questions and Answers

1. Tara, will you be doing anything market related and/or graphic design on this new blog?


2. Do you plan on exposing more personal things about yourself and finally explaining the madness that is you and your life?


3. Should we be afraid of you and be scared to buy your graphic design services now that we know you are bipolar?

Bipolar people in general are pretty harmless. I have always preferred to destroy my own life as opposed to others. You can still count on me like you always have.

4. Does this mean you will neglect us here?


5. Will the Blog Hop continue?


6. Why are you opening yourself up to stereotypes, judgements, and ignorant comments on your new blog?

Because the term "bipolar" is completely mislabeled and needs a new marketing spin. Who better to do that! lol

As always, thanks for reading. Join me in my new blog adventure if you dare! Life in reality is not for the faint of heart.


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