Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Pour Vous!

Greetings to my fellow friends and bloggers! Today has just been amazing so far. I love a day where no one complains, things get done in a timely manner, and the house is clean! Here's some new logos and graphics hot off the Adobe Illustrator...

For some reason I felt the need today to make some clip art. See, when people say my work is "clip art" it should be a compliment!!! lol I plan on selling it for commercial use. I've already made robots, cats, etc. I'm also going to try to complete a Fall Banner for freesies to give you wonderful people. Right now I currently have 3 new logo clients, (just today) and some other engagements I'm still working on. Hoping to keep this all down to a min. so I can do the fun stuff like blogging, nails, tanning, etc. I think I need to get my "GTL" on!! lol

In other news, coming up later I'm going to blast out some thoughts on MTV's Teen Mom (another of my guilty pleasures and probably my fav reality show after Jersey Shore:). I also want to talk about that crazy bitch Gretchen on "Project Runway".

Okay, better go before I lose customers and give away all my coming soon info...

Thanks for reading!

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