Sunday, September 26, 2010

GDBT Weekend Wrap Up

Hey all! Thank you once again for hopping, posting on your blogs, and commenting. It's so fun to meet everyone and I'm not just saying that!

What a boring weekend this was, mostly spent time trying not to fall asleep. We are having a nasty heat wave and there was a small fire. For once it wasn't right outside my house and for that I'm grateful!

Mostly we just hung out as a family, which is always nice. Watched the NEW "Clash of The Titans" and the boys really enjoyed it. Saw bits of "Sharktopus" and my oldest son thought it was the best movie he ever saw! lol He's obsessed with the ocean and this was the ocean w/half naked girls. What's better than that when you are 14?

In reading news, finished "All But My Life" and now I'm trying to find the HBO movie of it. We don't actually have HBO but there's got to be a way to view it. Since we were having a holocaust themed reading lesson, I also read a book from my youngest child's school called "Four Perfect Pebbles." Dumbed down for little kids, but still worthy. Next I need to read the rest of Chelsea Handler's "My Horizontal Life." It's taken me forever because there is only so much funny in being a slut. After the first 30 encounters you realize that it's just plain sad. I really want to ditch the rest altogether and get started on Sarah Silverman's "Bedwetter."

So the past week (and possibly still), it was the Jewish celebration of Fall aka sukkot. We sit under a sukkah (tent w/palm fronds). Shake stuff and hang lemons. Okay, so we did none of this, but we wished we could! lol Please don't ask me why the lemons, fronds, etc. I grew up in NYC and I had no idea about this holiday until my kids went to preschool in San Diego at the synagogue.

Bass practice has been awesome! I played a lot of Zeppelin and The Beatles this weekend. I just downloaded some Cheap Trick tabs, weird I know but heard it on the radio and had to have it! Hoping the band will play sometime this week. Singing has been good but I'm definitely not ready to play bass and sing! Singing comes first, gotta keep the boys going and let them know where we are in the song.

I am living on a diet of pills, Hawaiian sweet rolls, coffee, and grapes. No weight has been lost and I'm just not surprised anymore. If you read my other blog "Bipolar Girl World" , later this week I will be going over the fun and follies of medication. Weight gain and other gross stuff that goes along w/being me.

Tonight is the season premier of "Family Guy" and it's gonna be awesome! I don't know what else is coming out this week, but we did watch "Outsourced" and "The Big Bang Theory" premiers. Outsourced was actually funny, even though in my regular life I fail to see the humor regarding Americans losing their jobs and foreigners getting underpaid to replace them. I also have a personal problem with this because in my industry we compete with people that are so poor, they can afford to do $1 banners. NOT their fault, but I wish we could all get paid fairly. Big Bang was sooo good! I have always loved this show and I'm really glad it's doing well in the ratings. Introducing Blossom for Sheldon's girlfriend on the show was pure genius! There was a funny part where Wallowitz (forgive my spelling) got his penis stuck in a robot hand. Nerd porno!

Anywho, Jersey Shore is almost over and I have decided Pauly D is my fav. Rumors that he is getting his own show and I can't wait! I love all his funny sayings; this time of year... t-shirt time...etc. etc. he amuses me☺

I put up a new banner on Etsy to honor my favorite season...

I know I did some work this weekend, but I can't remember what? lol

Thanks for reading,

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