Monday, September 13, 2010

Forgivable, Even Lovable, Goofiness

A modest thought, as I am wrapped up in bureaucratic tasks and cannot write reflectively at the moment. I finished this piece last week. I had imagined that it would be headed somewhere, but I think not. A one-off, but a warm up, too, for something else. This guy is an actual figure (with an actual clone-child next to him) who stands awkwardly on Watson Road in St. Louis, in front of the Sappington Farmer's Market. I have more drawings of him. (Dan Zettwoch tipped me off to the weird interior of the same location, similarly themed, which is part of General Grant Centre, a strip mall with historical pretensions.) This is our culture's replacement for large scale figurative sculpture: goofy commercial effigies. They have a certain folk integrity which far outranks the Gee-I-so-wish-it were-still-the-19th-century ghastly mock Winslow Homers--life-size bronze children playing "snap the whip", that sort of thing. Give me Farmer Fred any day of the week over earnest metallic urchins.

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