Sunday, September 19, 2010

Clip art is a' coming!

Hey dear readers and friendly other visitors! I am adding some fantastic and affordable clip art to my Etsy shop.
I have some more owls in the works and I'm going to do some pretty Fall themes. Maybe even Halloween? Depending on how long it takes me in between my less fun projects...

Weekend Wrap Up.

Another successful blog hop! Thank you to everyone who participated and posted on their sites, I truly appreciate it! I do put all of your Hop buttons on my blog, I just do it permanently. Please scroll down to the bottom and you will see them there.

I played with the band this weekend. Yes, I am actually almost good enough to do a basic song on my bass now. I practiced with TABs all weekend (TABs is a different form of reading music). I can read music perfectly however, I haven't learned to go from piano to bass yet. It's just so darn confusing to learn something new at 39! I also got to sing and we did some songs I like this time. I really want to add a bit here, but the husband hasn't set up the recorder yet. I'd ask him, but he's passed out on the couch! lol Does anyone in this house ever want to go outside? I know I have to work and homeschool, but I actually don't want to be in here. IDK??

Anywho.. nothing else really exciting. Dogs is dogs, kids is kids, and I'm looking forward to some new reality shows. I believe "The Next Iron Chef" is coming out this week. Did anyone catch "Top Chef"? Awesome winner, nice guy. MTV shafted us this week by promising new Jersey Shore episodes after the Video Music Awards and at the regular time on Thursday. But they played the same darn one! I've been watching the dailies but they suck:*(

In intelligent reading news, I have just finished "My Lobotomy" by Howard Dully. Actually much more than just about his surgery that was forced on him when he was only 12. The author had a very famous documentary made about him on NPR and it had the highest response ever recorded. It's a good read if you aren't into things like Nora Roberts, Jodi Piccoult, etc. I personally love history and biography so it was right up my alley. I'm reading "A Holocaust Diary" now. It's the story of a Russian girl from a well to do family that is taken to a work camp in Nazi Germany. Another interesting point in the story is that she may actually have been Jewish on her father's side, but is treated much better than the Jews. So far, can't stand the interruptions by the person who put it all together for the book. But other than that great story and really takes you back to the landscape of 1918-1930's Russia.

A funny thing (I think) that happened this weekend. I decided I was sick of not having enough places to sit in my living room. I was going to move a whole extra couch in here, but I ended up putting two huge armchairs together like a soft hospital bed. Well, I had a migraine for 24 hours straight and all I did was lay there and eat Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I have to admit, this was the best and cheapest vacation I ever had! lol Only problem is people didn't recognize I wasn't here anymore and kept making me get up to cook and clean. Plus, do you ever rest when you have 4 little dogs?

Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for reading!

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