Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big deal, it's Wednesday...

So my bad attitude continues! lol I am not wanting to work for the first time in a long time and this is all due to the fact that there is no pleasing some people:*( No matter how fast you are, attentive, responsive, etc. they just don't want to make it go smoothly. So now I gotta go play bill collector and I'm just over it!

In much, much, more important news, Teen Mom was on last night, YAY! I LOVE Maci and I can't stand anyone else on that show. But I must watch, it's my duty to report it. Ryan aka absent sperm donor, now has decided he needs more time w/his son. So this jobless wonder who still lives at home, goes to see an attorney. Attorney fills his head w/thoughts of what a REAL father should have, Ryan decides to take Maci to court over custody issues. Now will someone explain to me how an out of work guy who lives with his mommy can afford to fight for custody? Not to mention that he could care less and is really only doing this because his parents and girlfriend are forcing him. Also in this episode he complains that by the time Bentley is 18 he will have spent $80,000 on him. Or was it $18,000? Now I can't remember but my point was that are we really complaining about this? People spend that much a year on Costco! It's your kid you schmuck, why would you even tell anyone that your a cheap ass in the first place? Next week, Maci looks for an apt. near the love of her life and Ryan uses his parents to get a lawyer. Yawn....

Jersey Shore, can't wait for Thursday! I've been watching the dailies on MTV and although stupid, fun to hold you over. Mostly people looking in the mirror at themselves, accessorizing, and showing their crotch! lol On this week's episode we get to see the after effects of the Sammi vs. J-Wow fight. There was a funny statement I read somewhere about the kitchen being trashed from it and broken nails and hair extensions were everywhere!!! Also, I have developed the Snooki whine! Every few minutes of the show you will hear Snooki let out some whimpery/whiney noises whenever she gets into her usual shenanigans. Seems it's contagious because now I'm doing it and annoying the cr*p out of myself and possibly even my dogs!

In other gossipy fun, Perez Hilton has started a new site for his son/dog Teddy Hilton to give us the latest doggy news.

Surprisingly well thought out and some great animal reads. Take some time to read about Morrissey/animal cruelty in China and how Sea World is killing the killer whales. Have I mentioned in previous rants how much I HATE Sea World? That their tanks are so disorienting for dolphins and whales for their sonar that they go mad? Anywho, another whale bites the dust and it's now Whales 1 Trainers 1 since Jan. The thing about Morrissey is that they are calling him racist now for saying that the Chinese are subhuman. But I'm thinking it's being taken out of context and what his trying to say is that their practice of throwing a bunch of house pets in small metal cages, skinning them alive, and then sewing them into collars is sub human. Am I wrong on this people? Morrissey is a lover, not a hater. Go animals, f'k the fur industry.

Now I know that I promised last week I would not be watching the shitacioust Real World ever. But I saw the preview of Jimmy hitting Knight and I just would enjoy seeing that sooo much! Unfortunately for you dear readers, this means we will both be reliving it soon via blog. Sorry!

In Book Club News... I have now finished reading Suzi Quatro and moved on to Chelsea Handler. "Are You There Vodka, It's me Chelsea". So far so good will keep everyone posted...

Homeschool is on and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Real work starts when the complaining does. It's got to be incredibly boring for a 14 1/2 yr. old to hang out all day w/his mom. But there isn't Kindermusik or Gymboree for a teenager, so what to do? Not to mention that little 'ol thing that I call work!

Random thoughts... Do they have therapists that can help your therapist, after you talk their ear off and make them want to quit their jobs???

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