Friday, August 6, 2010

You Brain Too Short to Box with God II: God Hates Fags?

Courtesy of my friend Meghan, a concise visual depiction of one of the most, to me, irritating aspects of current American culture, the religious Right's obsession that somewhere, somehow, two men or two women are gettin' jiggy wit it.Honestly, WTF?

Is it some sort of prehominid monkeybone itch-scratching, poop-flinging, knuckle-walking instinct that makes some people worry about this? Or is it that organized religion can make you bone stupid? I mean, you have all the OTHER biblical stuff going on; war, famine, pestilence, death, Newt Gingrich...and some people seem to have a desperate need to fixate on this nonsense.

Remember how I was just feeling utterly drained by the ridiculousness of what seems to pass for 90% of American life? Well, this is just one of parts that make the sum of that feeling.

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