Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I won't post "real" pictures on my blog.

Hey all, time to address yet another serious/controversial issue. This time it's "Why the heck won't you put up some personal pictures so we can all see your fat a$$?" Okay, so maybe in the scheme of the universe my a&& ain't that fat! But this isn't the real reason. The web and it's anonymity are a scary thing. So when you already have a bunch of strangers who know your address, stats, and where you spend your evenings, you don't want to throw the images out there too! lol (Just for the curious out there, I designed the header gal to resemble me, all that's missing is the boobies;)

Web Anonymity
Sometimes web anonymity can be fantastic, like when Cherie Currie stops by your blog anonymously. Sometimes it can be downright scary! The more I work online and learn about networking/marketing/etc. I realize how much we are all putting ourselves out there. When we are online we feel free to do things we would never do in person. The meekest of the meek, the shyest of the shy, the angriest of the angry, they have all found a place where no one can see them or directly accuse them of inappropriate behavior. This all leads into the "Why don't people pay?" Well, that's because there is no enforcer for anonymity. As the web grows up we will easily be able to track everyone who visits, comments, doesn't pay, etc. But for now, unless someone (god forbid) is dead, the police aren't coming after that guy on Guru who didn't pay for his logo and left you a nasty comment!

I have heard so many stories of kids being lured by false images and information, I can only imagine what's happening out there that we don't hear about. This is why I will not post any pictures of myself and my kids. Now my husband, that's a different story!! lol But I do try to be as careful as possible. I'm sure I've already put myself out there way too much. But if any of you dangerous freaks are reading now, you will know that I lock my house like I'm on the ground floor of a New York City apt., and my dogs would bite the cr&p out of ya! As far as when I'm walking around, I guard my cubs.

How sad is this that I feel threatened by anonymous forces lying in wait? And sadder still is the anger/backlash people vent on the web, because they can't let it out in real life to who really deserves it. Bullies of the web, get some therapy, have a prozac, and eat a f'n cupcake!

Thanks so much to all my friends old and new for keeping up with my daily rants! I'm sure there will be more order to my thoughts later, right now I just need to wake up! lol

P.S. And yet another web unfortunate/peril, please follow the rules of free graphics for the above image. No misrepresenting as your own, no editing, no using as a link anchor, no selling. But please feel free to take any of my graphics on this blog, (besides actual sold designs), and use them on your sites, blogs, etc. Credit is most appreciated but in no way required.

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