Monday, August 30, 2010

A touch of NEW...

Here are some of the latest...

I've also made some fabulous, (if I do say so myself;) custom invitations but I need to watermark them before I post. Working on my own site, eating strange Asian bread that tastes like butter but there is no butter in them...

I mentioned about a month ago during my fascination w/The Runaways that I was reading Suzi Quatro's biography. Well, sorry Suzi I bad mouthed the writing too soon because you have had one hell of a life! Amazing just for the connections alone! As some of you might remember Ms. Quatro played Leather on "Happy Days" in the 70's. She also was extremely popular in Europe and Australia for her rock 'n roll attitude and of course Leather. Joan Jett followed her around like a groupie and that is how I got turned on to the info. regarding her in the first place! Man, my writing is atrocious today! Anywho, fantastic life story worth a read if you care about music and where rock 'n roll started.

I am concurrently reading "The Bipolar Diet". Mostly common sense approaches but also a lot of science regarding hormones, thyroid, and basic things lacking in people with this illness. I could write several books on it myself, but then I would become depressed!!! lol If you can't cry ya gotta laugh, I always say.

I'm just about to start more fantabulous reads, one is about a gal who rescues books that are about to burned by nazis in WWII. The other (keeping w/the theme), is about 4 holocaust survivors in an internment camp.

My plan/strategy for this week is to promise myself peace. I am not up to par w/my normal self and it's getting too much. So I'm not bidding on every job, going every place, or forcing myself to do anything yucky. School starts Tuesday and I'm hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading!

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