Sunday, August 29, 2010

This kid is f'n AWESOME!!!

Watch this Ozzy video and you will see the most amazing kid guitarist ever!

Hopefully I will be continuing my musical tirade through mid to late 80's some time this week. Remember kiddies, before Ozzy was just Ozzy alone, he was the lead singer for Black Sabbath. But more on that later...

Weekend sums it up, pretty much nothing to report. We just had some serious Asian food. I can't tell you what type because I couldn't read the labels! lol I'm an ignorant American that goes to the Asian Grocery Store and hopes I can figure it out. I do have a new love for Thai tea. They assure me it's orange because of the type of tea it comes from. Husband all business all weekend. Major biz stuff happening for him so we won't be hanging out for oh, 2 months?? lol Poor guy♥ Grandma (who always reminds me she reads this:) is trying to kill us w/yet another chocolate banana bread. Who do you think ends up eating these things for breakfast when everyone else gets Mexican Food? I think I have gained 10 pounds this summer! Other than the usual crap, tomorrow is High School orientation for my oldest so I'll be a wreck again.

Off to work oh yes, there ain't days off in my life!

Thanks again for reading and helping make my hop a success!

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