Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PIF For My Pretties!

It's that time again kiddies! I feel so overwhelmingly generous today and I need to bring my good karma up again. Don't ask, let's just say somewhere someone is pissed that I didn't visit/call. Which is probably the worst thing I've done in 3 years! Guilt, guilt, guilt.. sigh:*(

Anywho, just right click, save. You know the drill.

Rules and regs apply as always;

Don't Resell
Don't Edit
Don't Use as a Link Anchor (Unless You Ask First)
Don't Claim as Your Own, you know I will find you the web ain't that big!

You may share it and use on your personal sites as with all of my PIF graphics.

In case I didn't mention this before, my 4 chihuahuas will pee on your bed/couch/etc. if you don't obey!

Thanks for stopping in!

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