Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On a lighter note...

Blog ops and other funsies!

You will see PW ads are at an all time low of $0 so grab 'em while they are cheap! Right hand side scroll a bit down.

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Need some graphic design services? Don't worry about cruising the blog, go directly to the source!

Graphic Design by Tara

Graphic Design by Tara Etsy

Graphic Design by Tara Elance

Although I am a current member of at least 5 more sites, these are your best bet for getting a hold of me. Or better yet, email...

Graphic Design by Tara Email

And our newest fun, the "Weekend Blog Hop" which will be returning Friday afternoon of every week.

Kiddies please don't forget to link up with me, I always want to give all the fab artists a reference!

LinkedIn Graphic Design by Tara

I really am t'd off right now and all I have to say is a bunch of neg. bullsh*t because of this f'n child molestor. So I'll save my commentary on the rest of my life for tomorrow. Besides, when it's 100 degrees not much happens outside of my A/C!

Thanks for reading!

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