Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Dog Ate Poop This Morning....

It wasn't human poop or anything, but still gross! The perils of having a pack, where is Cesar Milan when you need him?

Other than that, perfect day really! Hardly worked, took an hour walk uphill, was treated to breakfast/cupcakes/dinner. Enjoyed watching children destroy Guitar Center and then buy everything at Best Buy. Got a really cool microphone so now I can play back my bad singing on the computer! I plan on loading a song for all of you, so you may want to put down the volume next time you visit☺

Here is a new PIF. I coined this one on the other blog when I was forbidden by the husband, aka overlord of the web, from using social sites instead of spending time w/family and friends in real life!

Right Click/Save this baby! Follow the rules or the Chihuahuas will sneak over to your house and poop on your carpet too!

Rules and Regs....

Don't resell, use as a link base, alter/resell, pimp out as your own, etc. etc. Just don't be a jerk, k?

Thanks and love to my loyal readers!

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