Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money makes the world go 'round...

And round and round, etc. etc...

As much as we all probably hate to admit it, without money you starve and someone else gets all the f'n cupcakes! So when it's tight things get ugly. I'm noticing lately that people are starting to really get angry about this recession/depression and they are taking it out on us poor service people. I have never had so many customers try to talk me down in price and/or up in free samples. I also have had some really strange clients that just dropped off the face of the Earth after ordering. I think people just accept bids in case as placeholders, then get it somewhere else cheaper. Either they don't realize that we actually take time to get things done and fit them into our schedules or they don't care.

If you want to find out what my work/time is really worth on the internet market just take a look at the many freelance sites. It's completely horrifying how little some people charge for things. I used to get down on Etsy clients who wanted the whole shebang of a logo for $30. Now I see people making a logo for literally $5! How the heck am I going to compete with that? Why even work, I could get more if I just sat here and asked my husband for it! lol I did have to lower my prices like crazy to stay in business and it makes me sick when people want a ton of something for nothing and don't understand that I actually do create these things. I mean, the computer ain't gonna just answer my email and pop out a design! lol

On the bright side, my son went to his High School sign up today and all was well. I dropped him off per his request, although parents were allowed to stay. I find that weird because when we were in school the parents were never around. What 14 yr. old kid wants his 39 yr. old mom talking to him in front of girls? Which is how I found the cutie when I picked him up! Ahhh, if I'm going to get old and ugly, at least my kid will be happy.

The countdown is now on, only 1 week before moms everywhere enjoy a 9 month vacation!

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