Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let's talk about one of the WORST...

Real World shows ever!

To begin with, what an ugly bunch! At first I thought the blonde gal was cute, but then she gets stinkin' drunk all the time (not a good look for anyone) and passes out. Worst part other than old men raping her constantly, she thinks it's a normal thing! Other roommates try and help but give up because lets face it, no one really does care and they got their own manipulations going on.

Back to the Adams Family, I should really not say that because The Adam's family was much more attractive and definitely more interesting. The boys on this show are probably the most unattractive of all reality shows on MTV. It's not only their ugly mugs, but their personalities are bland/stupid. Only thing of note, the blonde hairstylist guy who is a complete homophobe, blow dries his crotch for kicks! No, sadly I kid you not. Yet no one is very alarmed by this. I kind of got that icky feeling when I saw it ya know, like when someone is talking about a child molester or a mom who beats her children. It's just that much out of the norm that it gets to me. Which must be really, really, weird because almost nothing is out of my realm...

Reaching desperately here to come up with some more to say, but it's been blah, blah, blah. I cannot wait till another challenge is one soon. On a fab note, "Teen Mom" continues to be really interesting. Farrah is becoming a better mom and not forgetting, dropping, or locking out her baby too much. Macy continues to be awesome and I'm sure if she had been 35 when she had Bentley there would have been no improvements necessary for her awesome parenting skills. I see women all the time that don't make decisions so positively for their children. Amber is looking slender and prettier as her whale ( I like whales but they don't drool like her boyfriend) of a man just gets messier and messier. Does anyone else notice that their house is starting to look like they need a hoarder intervention? Last but not least, Caitlyn and Tyler. Now I really used to like the support and little bit of maturity these kids gave each other. But it was not to last, they are now acting like idiots. Tyler is on a rampage because 3 years ago Caitlyn had another bfriend and screwed him before she took his virginity. But it doesn't end there, Caitlyn also called him 6 times and actually spoke with him about 2 times. So Tyler must have her phone records now. This is really important sh&t when you have alcoholic abusive parents that are in/out of jail. Needless to say, after treating the mother of his child like dog cr*p (which she fully allows him to do), Tyler's mom brings him back down to Earth. All I can say after being married for going on 16 years is that not every day is gonna be funsies and ya gotta work! I won't even go into all the SERIOUS stuff that has happened to us in the last 16 years. But we weren't much older than these people and somehow with even worse things going on we managed to tough it out for our kids. I'm just getting disgusted by how little people are willing to do for their kids and relationships.

Saved the best for last! Jersey Shore amazement and fun, I cannot wait till Thursday night! I feel like they are really stretching out the "Situations" (pun intended:) so that we don't get too much info. I think Sammie is the most gorgeous, skinny thing, and I have no clue why she is hanging out w/these schmucks at all.

New Jersey phrases this season;

You Do You, I'll Do Me, Go Out and Do You, etc. etc. I feel like I'm having a French verb thing and I have to break it down to personal, groups, blah, blah.

Do you want to smoosh me? Which I guess can mean make out, screw, any type of Snooki touching.

IFF Which I think means something like "I'm F'd Foundation??" Either way, Roni is the president of it. Short caveat about Roni, noticed his last name is Ortiz. Now all of my SoCal friends with this name are Mexican and I don't think Mexico is anywhere near Italy? But my geography sucks so I might be wrong. Either way, love my Mexicans and Italians but let's not claim one if we aren't it, k?

So we are still creepin' for girls, GTL'n our asses off, and I'm sure we will learn more Jersey phrasing soon. Can I just move there now? 'Cause I really think I can pull off everything but the poof. Snooki, if you are out there girl, how the heck do I get the damn pouf?

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