Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's get down to the "Situation"...

Last night Jersey Shore graced my presence again with their wonderful antics! If you are a current reader of this blog you know how much I love my Jersey Shore, because I constantly blog about the show.

Let's recap;

On a personal note, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola looks EXACTLY like me back in my early 20's. Now we have 60 pounds of fat separating us, but it's really kind of scary.

This week's episode brings us Sammi finding out that Ronnie has been screwing her over on a daily basis, but her girls don't even tell her face to face about it. They give her a crappy note and she of course falls apart. The "Situation" laughs about the note, girls don't really seem to care. There are rumors around the internet that J-Wow has a thing for Ronnie, thus the fighting.

MVP aka Michael Vincent Pauly, smoosh some ho's and fend off a grenade. Who was the cutest grenade ever and definitely not a hippo!

Other than that, not enough drinking or fun and I swear MTV has added some more commercial breaks.

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