Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just not much to say at the moment.

Something about the dog days of Summer, perhaps?

I just can't find anything to say that doesn't involve:

1. Domestic stuff that, while infinitely entertaining to me, isn't really worthwhile fodder for public conversations,

2. Public matters that I can provide neither intelligent discussion nor a unique perspective.

The sad fact is that, once again, my own present circumstances are fairly benign and even pleasant while it seems like the larger world is going to Hell in a handbasket with someone unpleasant - Newt Gingrich, perhaps?

I observe this, noting in passing that the top "news" stories on my Comcast webpage (unavoidable when checking mail, otherwise avoided like an orthodox rabbi walking wide of the Armour hot dog packing plant...) were something about Kate Couric making snarky comments about Sarah Palin's kid's names, and a woman who sent a text message with her toes while tied up by a burglar.

And the only real reaction I can manage to all of this is a sort of irritated grunt.

There seems to be nothing I can do about this idiocy, and to even attempt to tease out whatever threads of common sense are hidden within is to lend myself to the madness surrounding the celebritized, commercialized, Tea-Party-ized, Sarah-Palinized, moron-grade pottage that passes for the Velveeta brand of middlebrow American culture. I come away feeling vaguely unclean and with a strong urge to bite something, perhaps myself.

I have been thinking about teaching, learning, and education as I see it effecting this mess, and I want to post something about that. But that will have to wait a bit for my work schedule to ease off a little bit.

Until then, enjoy the great Ella Fitzgerald bringing you "Night and Day"...

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